Our Services

The Service Oriented Industry Today

The true service oriented industries are just numbered in the country. So our goal is to fill in that gape. The reasons given by the reports are 1) lifestyle changes, 2) economic climate, and 3) increase of product variety.

Future Trend And Strategic Opportunities

The predicated growth trend is very positive both in short and long-term projections a recent report states that as modern living creates more demands, people will be compelled to spend more. TAHAZ has a group of highly professionals who are sharing there wast experience in corporate and public sector providing all kind of business solutions to the industry.

Tahaz motive is to nullify client’s frustration by locating and managing various trade area and proving to be the single source for providing all possible services required. Our brand name is our reputation and we will never cut corners or do just enough. To us, your investment is as important as it is to you being our valued customer.

Tahaz always prioritize things provide all possible solutions to all queries related to our fields. In this world where no one understands the value of time and money, we rest assure you to provide all possible solutions and on time with very justified clam. 

Tahaz are headed by branch of highly professionals who have vast and diversifying experience in different fields of expertise. which is relatively new name in the industry, is ready to compete any top ranking organization either in professionalism or services. We clams to be the best in the field but for that you have to give chance to us.


Services Offered Government Sector

  • Election Commission Of Pakistan          450 Nodes  (Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta)
  • Foreign Trade of Institute Islamabad       75 Nodes
  • Ministry of Commerce and Trade            125 NodesOptic Fiber Link Projects
  • A Project of City Link Sargodah, Bhalwal,     200 Km
  • Arid Agriculture University                                 1 Km

Security Equipment Installation Projects

  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Holy Family Hospital
  • Swan Garden Housing Society
  • Tele Alliance (Telenor Franchise) Blue Area
  • Club Filling Station Dhokari Choke
  • Club Filling Station Kharian
  • Club Filling Station Gujarat
  • EDO Health Chalwal
  • Tehsil And Distric Hospital Chow saidan Shah
  • Nursing Training School Chakwal


Market Trends And The Future

The population and demographics of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have increased incredibly for the last 14 years. The idea of service-oriented approach has been slowly building  for the last 7 years. The extensive government studies have given everyone a new definition of professional services. As people demands more and more professionals expertise, so our strategy of delivering services arrangement may be a widespread accepted in a new way.