TAHAZ Inhouse

Board of Directors

An impressive board of directors has been assembled that represent some top professional from the area. They will serve as asset to the development of the company.

Consultants and Professional Support Resources

At the present,no outside consults have been retained. We are presently searching for a professional people.These Key employees will be well chosen and given incentives for performance and growth.

Management Structure And Style

Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed will be the President and Chief Operating Officer. Managing Director and GM Operations will report to him. Relationship managers will report to these directors and the relationship officers will report to there concerned relationship managers.



Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed will retain ownership of the organization.

Long-Term Development Plan Goals

TAHAZ is an innovative concept that targets a new, growing market. We assume that market will respond grow quickly in the five years. Our goals are to create a reputation of quality’ consistency and security that will make us the leader of a new style of service oriented approach.


Our marketing efforts will be concentrated on hard work, focusing the areas of most promising growth. As the market changes, new products will be added to maintain sales.


As the TAHAZ grow, we will keep a close eye on sales and profit. If we are on target at the end of the year 1. We will look to expand.

Employee Training And Education

Employees will train not only their specific operational duties but also in the philosophy and application of our concept. They will receive extensive information from our master trainer and be kept inform of the latest information on the product and competitors.

System And Controls

A big emphasis is being placed on extensive research into the quality and integrity of our products. They will constantly be tested and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by management.

Compensation And Incentives

TAHAZ will offer competitive wages and salaries to all employees with benefit package available to key personnel only.